A WYRE Forest District councillor has resigned following the approval of the controversial local plan. 

Anna L’Huillier, Independent Community and Health Concern councillor for the Franche and Habberley North ward, has voiced her concerns with the new plan. 

In a statement she said: "I have struggled for many months with the progression of the local plan which was last night adopted by full council, in particular with the (in my opinion) unnecessarily high housing allocation which leaves little option but to expand in to our precious greenbelt. 

"I have been and remain strongly opposed to the inclusion of the land at Habberley Road, feeling that this land provides a crucial buffer to the Habberley Valley Nature Reserve, one of our most splendid natural asserts. The field is a valuable habitat to many species including bats, and skylarks, all of which will be displaced and disrupted by any development. 

"The road, which currently forms a strong boundary to urban sprawl, is itself a major concern, with a blind summit, narrow paths and already heavy use.

"The public in my ward have spoken, in fact they have shouted.

"Questions remain regarding the initial and crucial public consultation period which was held at the start of the process during the previous administration, and which many residents have complained they were not informed of or encouraged to engage with. 

"I urge residents to remember that it was the previous administration that included this field in the local plan, and at no stage since have they stated they would remove it if given the opportunity. 

"The voting last night by the opposition could easily be seen as tactical, giving the strong appearance of opposing a Local Plan almost entirely of their own making, while ensuring that it is passed. 

"For 3 years I have been proud to be a member of the Progressive Alliance, where you are valued as an individual, supported by colleagues from all different backgrounds, all with one goal, to best serve your community. 

"On nearly all matters I have stood 100 per cent with them, respecting the fact that at times difficult and unpleasant decisions must be made for the greater good. Last night was the first time I found myself hoping the Alliance would fail.

"My role as Councillor has opened my eyes to the amazing people in our communities who work tirelessly for the good of their area, and it has been the greatest privilege to be able to be involved with these individuals and groups, something I hope to continue moving forward. Franche & Habberley North is a fantastic area which I grew up in and love. 

"I hope that whoever succeeds me as District Councillor represents the residents with passion and integrity, and I thank residents who elected me in 2019".