PLANS for a new Aldi supermarket in Stourport have been met with a mixed response – with some concerns raised over traffic congestion.

The discount supermarket giants have now submitted a proposal to build a new store off Worcester Road.  

Plans would see the Minerva Point building at the site demolished to make way for the new shop, as well as four ‘start-up employment units’ and car parking.

Aldi announced plans for a new Stourport store in October 2021 and launched a consultation to give residents a say on the design of the new development.

Plans were recently passed to build a new housing estate on brownfield land next to the Minerva Point site.

Some social media users have described the supermarket plan as “great news” for the area, with one saying they “can’t wait” for the new Aldi to be built.

Kidderminster Shuttle: An artist's impression of the proposed Aldi at Minerva Point, Stourport.An artist's impression of the proposed Aldi at Minerva Point, Stourport.

Another said the plans were “ace” and approved of the proposed location of the store. 

However, some expressed concerns that the new development would create “traffic gridlock.”

On Wyre Forest District Council’s planning site, one resident said: “Due to the location my concerns of the extra traffic around both the Worcester Road and Hartlebury Road are worrying as they are both already gridlocked and busy times of the day and weekends during the summer months”.

One Facebook user said: “Great news. I like Aldi but it will be traffic gridlock… it already is”.

The design and access statement for the new Aldi indicates that up to 40 new jobs will be created within the store, with the construction phase involving around 100 operatives.

Aldi has also said that the development would be an efficient use of the brownfield site and would be “well placed” to service the new housing growth in Stourport.