BEWDLEY residents are being urged to have their say on a multimillion-pound plan to install flood defences.

The Environment Agency’s consultation about proposals to reduce flood risk at Beales Corner is open until the end of May.

Over the years, several technical assessments have taken place to explore the possibility of a flood defence scheme.

In July last year, the government allocated £6.2 million of growth funding which made the possibility of a scheme more viable after years of severe flooding. 

Anthony Perry, Operations Manager for the West Midlands Environment Agency, said: “We’re very keen to hear feedback from local people to help us shape the final proposals that will then form part of the planning application later this year.

“We are still assessing technical options, but any permanent defences are likely to follow a similar line to the temporary barriers, and our aim is to achieve the same level of flood protection as the Severn side Flood Scheme on the opposite bank of the river.

“There are several issues to work through, such as securing planning approval, historic consents and managing the large number of utilities that are located along the potential route of any flood defence.

“We aim to make best possible use of the public money available and seek to maximise funding available through working in partnership".

You can view the draft proposals via