A KIDDERMINSTER church which runs a food bank has been scammed out of more than £50,000. 

Franche Community Church is a charity which supports those in need by collecting and delivering food as part of its Wyre Forest Foodbank service. 

Charity treasurer and admin Barbara Guille, and her husband Paul Guille, who is chair of trustees, said they were "devastated" when they realised scammers convinced them to hand over sensitive information, which led to tens of thousands being stolen from a charity bank account. 

Mrs Guille, aged 71, said: "We are just in shock at the moment. These scams - you just don't realise how bad some of them are."

They received a text message earlier this week which said that Barbara was in close contact with someone carrying Covid. 

She was asked to order a PCR test and followed a link to purchase one costing 99 pence.

She provided her personal card details to make the transaction. 

The couple said they were later contacted by the scammers posing as bank staff who were aware of the fraud. 

The scammers asked if Barbara had access to any other bank accounts. 

Believing they were there to help, she told them about the charity bank account which contained more than £50k. 

They said the scammers were able to access their computer using the AnyDesk app after further details were given to them. 

Their real bank later confirmed to them that funds had been stolen. The money is used for running the church and food bank. 

They want to warn people in the hope of stopping another scam. 

Mr Guille, aged 69, said: "We gave them access to something we shouldn't have. 

"You get sucked in. We fell for the trap, hook, line and sinker as they say. 

"They sounded genuine. They have all the right terminology.

"We feel violated, it's like somebody's taken all of your valuables. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. 

"We were supposed to be guardians of this money and we have fallen foul of evil people". 

The police have been contacted and they are working closely with their bank. 

Since the incident, the personal money taken from Barbara's account has been reimbursed and they are confident they will get their charity funds back. 

People can make donations to the church and food bank via JustGiving.