A HUSBAND and wife brawled at a Worcester nightclub as a door supervisor was punched in the face and a police officer was kicked in the groin.

Peter Loveridge and his wife Leanne Loveridge were involved in violence at the Flag in Lowesmoor, Worcester after police arrived 'en masse' to deal with another incident.

The door supervisor was left with a black eye while an officer's glasses were broken in the struggle. The couple say they will never come to Worcester again for a night out.

Leanne Loveridge, 40, of The Gables Yard, Lower Heath, Stourport admitted assault by beating of an emergency worker (PC Aughton), assault by beating against a member of the door staff (Sarah Cook), criminal damage to the glasses of PC Aughton to the value of £80, and assault by beating of another emergency worker (PC Fusco) when she appeared before magistrates in Worcester on Thursday.

Peter Loveridge, also 40, of Watery Lane, Stourport, admitted two charges of common assault of an emergency worker (PC Jefferies and PC Lee) and assault by beating against Sarah Cook as part of the same incident on October 23 last year.

Fergus Maxwell, who appeared for both defendants, said Mrs Loveridge had expressed remorse but had 'little recollection' and had pieced events together after watching CCTV and police body-worn footage.

"Her belief is that someone must have put something in her drink. She has not experienced a loss of memory like that before," said Mr Maxwell.

She accepted striking Ms Cook, causing the black eye, and said Mr Loveridge attempted to defuse the situation.

"It's right Sarah Cook says 'get her out before I drag her out'. She is entitled to say that. Nonetheless, this seems to aggravate the situation," said Mr Maxwell.

Mr Loveridge pushed Ms Cook. "It would be fair to say police attended the Flag en masse. I suspect this situation could have been defused by one police officer saying enough is enough," said Mr Maxwell.

As the officers grabbed hold of Mrs Loveridge, she 'struck out and hit the officer,' and 'she is then taken to the floor and pinned down by two officers'.

Mr Loveridge then became involved, 'concerned about his wife who has never been pinned down by police officers before and never involved in this sort of incident at the public house before.'

During the struggle, Mrs Loveridge kicked out 'to free herself' and 'makes contact with the officer's groin'. Mr Maxwell said this was reckless, not intentional.

Mr Loveridge was also PAVA sprayed during the incident and accepted spitting, which landed on the 'officer's tunic'. Mr Loveridge had 'a full can of PAVA spray in his face' and did not remember the officer telling him to spit on the floor.

The solicitor added: "They don't go to Worcester very often and they don't intend to come to Worcester for a night out again because it all went so horribly wrong."

Leanne Loveridge was fined £120 for the assault on Ms Cook and ordered to pay her £75 compensation. She was fined £80 each for the assaults on the officers and compensation of £90 to PC Aughton. She must also pay costs of £185 and a victim surcharge of £34.

Peter Loveridge was fined £120 for the assault on Ms Cook and £80 each for the assaults on police. He must also pay costs of £185 and a victim surcharge of £35.