A STOLEN BMW was chased by police after a cigarette burglary at a shop in Bewdley.

A suspect was arrested and property was recovered after the BMW was pursued by police, with the chase ending in Halesowen. 

A picture shared by police shows the pursuing police car hitting 73mph as the thieves tried to escape in the early hours of Friday (June 3). 

OPU Worcestershire tweeted: "B shift - last night we worked collectively with @NWorcsCops @K999Cops @CMPG @Trafficwmp to pursue this stolen BMW following a burglary in Bewdley. "Property recovered and suspect arrested #teamwork #noborders."

The car was found on Thursday evening (June 2).

WMP Traffic tweeted: "The occupants of this stolen BMW 240i committed a cigarette burglary at a shop in Bewdley before being pursued by @OPUWorcs back to our force area where we then pursued it to Halesowen.

"One of them was arrested following a foot chase & plenty of forensics were left by the others."