TWO catalytic converters have been stolen from vehicles in Kidderminster.

On Wednesday, June 24 police were alerted to two catalytic converter thefts on Bruce Road and St John’s Avenue.

It is believed the thefts happened between midnight and 12:45 am.

Inspector Lee Page said: “I want to reassure our community that we are working hard to prevent such crimes and are investigating both of these incidents.

“There are steps motorists can take to try and reduce the chance of your vehicle being targeted by thieves. If you do notice any suspicious activity where individuals are pulling up next to cars and interfering with a vehicle we would ask you to get in touch with us.

“I would like to ask that if anyone has information that can help our investigation or witnessed any suspicious activity in the areas where the theft took place then please get in touch with us.”

The police say there are several ways the public can protect their vehicle including keeping vehicles in a garage, parking in a well-lit populated area or installing motion-activated lighting if a vehicle is parked on a driveway.

Catalytic converters have expensive components, including platinum, which make them attractive to thieves.