A WOMAN with MS had to be carried across the road when a parking patrol officer prevented her Dial-a-Ride bus picking her up on the doorstep of the charity shop where she is a volunteer.

Val Yeomans, 64, of Buttermere Road, Stourport, cannot walk because of multiple sclerosis but still helps out once a week at the Oxfam shop in the town's High Street.

Staff there were outraged when Mrs Yeomans had to be carried to the bus stop, with a Dial-a-ride employee supporting her on one side and the shop's manager on the other.

Mrs Yeomans said: "It was a terrible day. It was cold and raining but they still wouldn't allow the driver to stop."

She added: "I was very upset. I felt as though it would be best if I were out of the way. I didn't want to cause this trouble. I'm not proud of having MS."

Mrs Yeomans said volunteering at Oxfam got her out of the house and meeting people. She explained that if the problem with Dial-a-Ride continued she would be stuck at home.

She said: "They are taking away my freedom - it isn't right. I know they are only doing their job but there should be some kind of leeway."

Pauline Mothersdale, shop manager of Oxfam in Stourport, said: "When it happened I asked myself, What is wrong with people? Has compassion completely gone out of the window?' "

She added: "It was terrible for someone to be treated like this, who has given up her time to work here. She's not a well person but she still puts the hours in. A bit of common sense would not go amiss."

Conservative councillor, Marcus Hart, Wyre Forest District Council's cabinet member for property and operational services, said the Dial-a-Ride bus was entitled to stop and pick up passengers but he defended the parking patrol officer involved.

He said: "The parking attendant's role is to benefit the community by keeping the traffic moving freely around the district and attendants are happy to advise individuals in specific situations like that of Mrs Yeomans.

"There are restrictions on the right-hand side of the High Street in Stourport but the Dial-a-Ride bus is allowed to stop so they can drop off or pick up passengers. The conditions are that the bus does not block the highway and that the driver does not leave the bus.

He added: "The parking attendant explained this to the driver of the bus being used by Mrs Yeomans and we have written to Dial-a-Ride to highlight this too.

"We praise and support anyone who invests their time and energy in charity work, including the superb service provided by Dial-a-Ride and we sincerely hope that by explaining the regulations further, Mrs Yeomans will continu