I SYMPATHISE with Susanne Harding (Letters, February 14) regarding her frustrations when using the Stourport Gilgal junction.

I use this junction frequently and am amazed at some drivers' behaviour.

However, strictly speaking, the traffic moving from Minster Road into Gilgal should always take precedence.

The reason is that at the end of Vale Road there are clear give way' markings on the road. This would mean that at busy times no traffic would be able to move out of Vale Road because The Highway Code states in section 148 You MUST (ie a legal requirement) give way to traffic on the main road when emerging from a junction with broken white lines across the road.' Rightly or wrongly Minster Road has been designated the main road. I know this all sounds very pedantic, but what I believe is needed is courtesy, where drivers moving into Gilgal from Minster Road allow, say, one car to move in front of them before following on so that all drivers at the junction get an alternating chance to filter in.

I do this and I'm pleased to say I often see other drivers doing the same. After all, it is only stretching another Highway Code rule a bit, to give way to traffic from the right. So, OK, let's have confidence and courtesy, and less frustration.