Have you ever stopped to think, even just for a few seconds or minutes, what you might do with your winnings on the back of a major lottery win?

First thoughts might turn to housing, travel, investment and other. For a lot of people, though, it’s often about which car they might buy.

With brand new Bugattis, Ferraris, Aston Martins and other supercars on offer, one might not think of buying a second-hand Volvo as their first motor vehicle purchase after winning the lottery. Yet that’s exactly what Joe and Jess Thwaite did. The couple, from Gloucester, won a record-breaking £184 million in the EuroMillions in 2022. One of their first buys with their winnings was a grey V60 for £38,000. That’s a relatively small percentage on their potential overall spend, indeed.

What a modest undertaking, especially given the vast range of just luxury cars – not even supercars – on the market these days.

Take, for instance, the Bentley Mulsanne and its diamond-quilted leather seats and other sparkling features. Its starting price is around £300,000.

If you are soon or eventually among the fortunate few who enter bet and win a lottery jackpot with Lottoland, you might also want to consider the following, especially if you’re a big fan of stupendous cars.

For about £85,000, the Mercedes S-Class could be appealing. Its bold interior certainly complements the showy exterior. Quiet and comfortable, onlookers can see you rollin’ in the sporty petrol AMG models in particular.

Ah, the BMW 7 Series. It no longer prioritises driving features above comfort. Its carbon construction keeps its mass weight on a lower end than previously and it’s just an all-round goodie.

You might recall Steve and Lenka Thomson, who won one of the biggest EuroMillions payouts in history. At the time of their big win, Steve continued to drive his van and his wife her Volvo instead of splashing out on something fancier.

To each there own, but for some lottery winners there is little to no overlooking the opportunity to buy a luxury car such as the Audi A8. With an excellent build quality and appealing chrome accents, this car really feels like it belongs in the luxury category.

And then there’s the Porsche Panamera. At about £80,000 a pop, the Panamera comes as a six- or eight-cylinder and has hybrid plug-in. That’s right, it can cruise quietly as an electric car if you want it to. There is plenty of passenger space to boot, too.

Coming back to the Bentley, it has its Continental GT, which in some circles is a bit of a footballer’s car. This coupe has massively powerful. Forewarning: its look is by no means understated, so be prepared to go along with the ride.

So, there you have it. Just a few options that might be among the considerations of those buying luxury cars in the wake of big lottery winnings. For the rest – like the Thomsons and Thwaite’s - there’s Volvo Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Nissan and other modest motor vehicles.