A CONTROVERSIAL new Tesco store bid in Stourport has been recommended for approval by Stourport Town Council despite the grave concerns of some councillors.

Many councillors complained of feeling "conflicted" over the outline planning application for a supermarket at the former Carpets of Worth factory site.

When it came to the vote only two opposed the bid while nine voted in favour. The rest either abstained or declared conflicts of interest.

Conservative councillor, David Little, said he objected because the impact on the flow of traffic at the Mitton Street Severn Road junction would be "unacceptable".

He added: "When we have gridlock who will put up the tab to put it right. It won't be Tesco but the rate payers of this district."

Conservative councillor, June Salter, said: "We are here to represent the people of Stourport. Half of them are in favour of Tesco while the other half are not. We are betwixt and between. We can't please everyone."

She added: "What frightens me is that if the application gets rejected but Tesco then win the appeal we will lose most or all of the conditions imposed on them."

She explained: "Tesco would then have a free run. We want some control over them even if it is only minor."

Labour councillor, Jamie Shaw, said that on balance this was an application the council had to approve.

He said that the requirements laid down by the Highways Agency were "onerous" and added that surveys had shown that 50 per cent of residents did not shop in Stourport.

Independent Health Concern councillor, Dixon Sheppard, said he was very divided on the issue and explained that there were "conflicting issues all over the place".

He added: "We also have the situation that if Tesco do not build on the site then what will be next - another 200 houses?"

Councillor Sheppard said that he had to vote in favour of the application, "however unacceptable" he considered it, and again raised concerns about future gridlock in the town.

Independent Health Concern councillor, David Millis, voted in favour of the application and said that the council had to concern themselves only with planning law.

He added that he was worried about Lichfield Street where the environment could become "untenable" and said something would have to be done to stop the emergence of a "rat run".

Wyre Forest District Council's Planning Development Control Committee will decide on the issue tonight at 6pm. This will happen at the Meeting Hall of the Sixth Form Centre at Stourport High School.