A TORNADO has been spotted amid stormy weather in Worcestershire.

A dramatic image of the whirling cloud was posted on Twitter by Rebecca Davis, who was working from home in Bromsgrove at the time.

She tweeted: “Not your average working from home view... anyone else see this #Tornado in Bromsgrove today?”

A video of the extreme weather has also been tweeted by Ian Davis who said it happened around 2 pm.

The video shows the tornado whirling through grey skies close to homes.

Although the Mert Office has not issued a yellow weather warning for the county, this week has seen heavy rain downpours and thunderstorms.

The weather forecaster said tornadoes are one of the ‘most violent and dramatic weather types on the planet’.

The Met Office defines a tornado as a ‘rapidly rotating column of air that reaches between the base of a storm cloud and the Earth's surface.’