STOURPORT rock n' rollers raised more than £1,000 for charity when they belted out 1950s classics at Kidderminster's Gilt Edge Club earlier this month.

Equipped with 1950s BBC microphones, Jonah and the 45s, took centre stage at the bash on March 1 and donated the funds to Sutton Park Able Autistic Base at Sutton Park Community Primary School, in Kidderminster.

Neil Jones, who came second on TV's Stars In Their Eyes as Eddie Cochran, formed the 45s as an authentic rock n' roll band a year ago.

The six-piece band kept the audience rocking in their seats with versions of Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis' Great Balls of Fire.

Dave Rodgers, who plays keyboard in the band, said: "We had an absolutely fabulous night. Everyone had a great time. The teachers came and they were very grateful.

"The night was sold out a week before the gig and we were turning people away.

"We didn't think the gig would sell out so quickly we were absolutely amazed.

"The school are putting the money towards an indoor soft playground, bean bags and calming aromatherapy equipment."

He added: "The night was amazingly successful. I was nervous at the beginning thinking we wouldn't sell any tickets but it was a cracking night."