WYRE Forest District Council is taking action against cars parked illegally on pavements and grass verges.

Builder, Jason Harvey, 35, was given a £70 fine after parking on the pavement in Wilden Lane, Stourport, as he visited his girlfriend's house.

Mr Harvey had been parking there regularly for the past three months and said it was difficult to find somewhere to park in the area.

He added: "I was very angry. I have never had a ticket before. It's not fair. Everyone parks on the pavement there because there is nowhere else to park."

He added: "It is first come first served and if you have a business like mine it is very difficult to keep carrying your tools there and back."

District council spokeswoman Nina Das Gupta said the traffic regulation order for Wilden Lane applied parking restrictions which included parking on grass verges and pavements.

She explained that neither the district council or their civil enforcement officers, drew up the traffic regulation orders.

She said the council was responsible for enforcing the parking regulations, which included fining drivers who parked on the pavement or grass verges where parking restrictions were in place.

She added that if residents felt there was a need to lift the restrictions they could apply to Worcestershire County Council.

As the highways authority, the county council could re-consider restrictions and whether, in some cases, they should be removed or changed.

She explained: "There is no new policy applying, as it has always been the responsibility since September 17, 2007, for the council to apply the regulations that were previously made under the relevant road traffic orders."

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