SELFLESS residents restored a 90-year-old's "faith in humanity" after her hedgerow was set alight in a "terrifying" arson.

The Stourport pensioner, who did not wish to be named, was evacuated from her home after two passers-by banged on the door when they saw the fire in the early hours of a July morning.

Her family expressed their thanks to the men and said "without them, there may have been a tragic end to this event".

The resulting fire damage, which happened on Bewdley Road, was "devastating" for the pensioner. The mature hedge was planted by her husband 45 years ago.

Her family said she was "very badly shaken up and her confidence took a hammering".

Soon after the incident, the Wyre Forest Round Table group got in contact with the family and offered to help clear up the mess the fire left behind.

The team removed all the dead trees and cleared up the burnt debris and garden so it could be fenced.

Forest Gardens, based at the Hartlebury Trading Estate, then made contact and offered to provide the new fencing around the front garden.

Thanking Wyre Forest Round Table, Forest Gardens, the two passers-by and supportive Bewdley Road neighbours, the family said it restored the 90-year-old's "faith in humanity" and helped her "recover her confidence".

Joe Birkedale, chairman and treasurer of Wyre Forest Round Table, said: "She probably felt very vulnerable all of a sudden.

"The community did this and the community can fix this - that was our attitude towards it".

He added: "Wyre Forest Round Table is always looking for people to join us. It's an opportunity to get out and about to do activities.

"If they want to get in touch they can do so on the Wyre Forest Round Table website or via Facebook".