WATER levels in the River Severn levels are dramatically rising in Worcester which could mean problems in Stourport.

These pictures show the swollen River Severn after the recent heavy downpour of rain. 

Normal river levels usually lie between 0.55m to 3.35m but last night (Wednesday), at Barbourne, the water levels had reached highs of 2.84m by 7.30pm.

Kidderminster Shuttle: River Severn levels rise after recent rainfallRiver Severn levels rise after recent rainfall (Image: Anil Patel)

The highest recorded water level was 5.79m in February 2020. 

Stourport, Holt Fleet, Worcester, Kempsey, Severn Stoke, Upton upon Severn, South Quay, Diglis Parade and Hylton Road towpath have all been potential flood risks.