THE artist behind a graffiti mural in Kidderminster that aims to raise awareness of homeless veterans has been revealed.

The new art installation, in the style of elusive street artist Banksy, has appeared outside Kidderminster Railway Station.

After speculation from residents as to who the creator is, it has been confirmed to be Birmingham-based artist ‘Disney’.

The work depicts a homeless soldier with a sign asking for help. The artist posted an image of the mural with an article about soldiers being left homeless and suffering from PTSD after military service.

People can check out the disney.b32 Instagram page to see more artwork.

This isn't the first time a graffiti artist caught the attention of residents in Kidderminster.

Last year, a mural of Bart Simpson baring his bum at police officers appeared on an underpass wall near the Watermill pub. 

It was inspired by the story of terminally ill Darrell Meekcom, who mooned at a speed camera to fulfil one of his bucket list wishes. 

The artist was revealed to be Glasgow-based Rebel Bear, who has been dubbed the 'Scottish Banksy.'