A WYRE Forest district councillor who helped police catch two vandals has said something has to be done to tackle increasing anti-social behaviour in his neighbourhood.

Mumshad Ahmed, Conservative councillor for Broadwaters, in Kidderminster, alerted police to two men kicking in car wing mirrors and then followed them in his car to keep police informed about where they were.

He said: "They were walking up the middle of Hurcott Road, tagging one another's shoulders and then kicking wing mirrors. They must have damaged every car along the road."

He added: "It was like tagging in wrestling, with them taking turns. They were laughing their heads off. It was just like a game to them, damaging other people's property."

Mr Ahmed said £700 of damage was caused to his car by vandals earlier in the year and added that police had to do something to put a stop to it.

He added that vehicle crime was "very high" while the former Sladen CE Middle School building had recently been the target of repeated vandalism, including a suspected arson attack.

Lynne Masters, spokeswoman for West Mercia Constabulary, said two men had been arrested and bailed pending further enquiries.

She told the Shuttle/-Times & News that officers had been called to the scene, at 4am on Saturday, May 24, and that police took criminal damage to vehicles and anti-social behaviour seriously.

She said damage to vehicles tended to take place on Friday and Saturday nights and advised residents to park in a secure garage or in a drive, tucking in wing mirrors and pushing down aerials. She added that if it was necessary to park in the road, people should park under a street light or invest in an outdoor security light.