SANTA put a traffic warden on the naughty list after he handed him a parking ticket despite the pleas of a Kidderminster schoolboy.

A red-faced Father Christmas had some choice words for the official outside Worcester Guildhall in the city's High Street on Saturday afternoon after he handed him a parking ticket for his 'sleigh'.

It was not so much a case of 'ho ho ho!' and more a case of 'no no no!' as the traffic warden noted down the vehicle's registration while Santa's elves milled about in dismay.

Newsquest understands Father Christmas's mode of transport was a trike which pulled sleigh carriages as he handed out sweets and collected for charity.

The fundraiser dressed as Santa was heard by one onlooker to tell the traffic warden to "post the ticket to the North Pole" and to warn him he was going to be "put on the naughty list".

Kidderminster Shuttle: JINGLE HELL: Father Christmas receives a parking ticket on Worcester's High StreetJINGLE HELL: Father Christmas receives a parking ticket on Worcester's High Street (Image: Jake Fox)

Despite Santa's witty and humorous retorts, eyewitnesses said he was genuinely unhappy about being given the ticket and that the incident was not a set-up.

The unfolding drama was captured by Jake Fox, 12, of Ombersley who attends King Charles School in Kidderminster.

Jake told the traffic warden: "You can't do that! Santa is doing a good thing!"

His uncle, Mike Fellows, who also witnessed the incident, said he was walking up from Pump Street and found Santa near the end of the Christmas Market in conversation with the traffic warden.

Mr Fellows of Ombersley said: "There were lots of people gathered around and Santa was shouting at the traffic warden. To begin with, I thought it was a set-up. But the traffic warden went around the rear of the vehicle to take pictures of the number plates. Santa shouted 'you're going on the naughty list!' Lots of people were saying 'you can't do that to Santa!' He was angry.

Kidderminster Shuttle: NAUGHTY LIST: Father Christmas remonstrates with traffic warden.NAUGHTY LIST: Father Christmas remonstrates with traffic warden. (Image: Jake Fox)

"They were still giving out sweets to the kids at the time. He said 'you will have to send the ticket to the North Pole'."

Mr Fellows felt so bad for Santa he gave him £10. He hopes this will help him cover the cost of the ticket while others had a whip round for him to cover the bill.

Worcester City Council has been approached for a comment. The leader of the council, Cllr Chris Mitchell, declined to comment this afternoon. 

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