A MAJOR TV company has been filming a new drama in Kidderminster this week. 

Severn Valley Railway has confirmed that the Kidderminster Town Station has been the scene of the new production, hosting dozens of crew and cast members. 

Most of the filmed action has been taking place within the concourse of the station, but scenes have also been filmed outside the station. 

One evening, ambulances and police cars arrived, but the heritage railway confirmed that it was all part of the script.

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Michael Dunn, head of commercial and visitor experience at Severn Valley Railway, said: “We’re not allowed to give further details at the moment.” 

“This is part of the contract we’ve signed. However, I can tell you that it’s a one-off drama which will be broadcast in the autumn.

"Very importantly for us, we’ve brought in additional and very welcome revenue, during our annual winter closure.”