A DRAMA group is preparing to stage an award-winning play at the Rose Theatre in Kidderminster.

The Nonentities at The Rose are working on their production of The Children by Lucy Kirkwood, which will give audiences "food for thought about the future of our civilization".

The play is set in a post-nuclear accident England and is regarded as one of the finest plays written in the first quarter of the 21st century. The work won the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain award for Best Play in 2018.

Rose, a retired nuclear scientist challenges her former colleagues Robin and Hazel to confront the catastrophe caused by a meltdown in the plant where they all worked. Rose also suggests that the older generation should sacrifice their own needs to protect to ensure the safety of the next generation and all this is set against a background of jealousy and sexual tension.

The play will be performed in the Studio at the Rose Theatre with the cast of Skye Witney, Tom Rees and Sue Downing. It runs from Monday, March 27 to Saturday April 1 and tickets can be obtained on line at rosetheatre.co.uk or via the Box office 01562 743745.