WYRE Forest’s longest-serving district councillor is celebrating fifty years of representing her community this week.

Councillor Fran Oborski was first elected to Wyre Forest District Council in 1973, when the Offmore and Comberton ward she represents was known as St. George’s.

She is one of the few councillors across England who has continuous service on the same principal authority since the reorganisation of councils brought about by the Local Government Act 1972.

Over the years the Liberal Democrat councillor, aged 77, has taken on many roles on the council. During her fortieth year on Wyre Forest District Council (2013-2014) she was Chair of the Council.

She has also been deputy leader and is currently vice chair of the overview and scrutiny committee.

In 2015 she was made MBE for “Public and Political Service” in Kidderminster and Wyre Forest.

She was nominated for it by the leaders of all the political groups on Wyre Forest District Council.

Councillor Chris Rogers, chairman of Wyre Forest District Council said: “Huge congratulations to Councillor Oborski on reaching this milestone.

"This is an outstanding record of unbroken service and highlights again her dedication to public service. Fran is highly respected by all members of the council, management and by her community.”

Councillor Oborski said it's a "real pleasure and an honour" to have represented the ward for so long.

She said she's worked with some "great colleagues" from all parties over the years. 

“I’m proud that the people of my local community have supported me for so long," councillor Oborski said. 

"It’s been a great privilege to represent them, and I continue to immensely enjoy my time as their councillor."