HUNDREDS of dead fish have been found in the Stourport canal - and some residents have been trying to save them.

Dying fish have been seen gasping near the surface of the canal water near Parkes Quay in the town.

The Canal and River Trust has said that the issue is due to several factors, including the recent thunderstorms. 

Fisherman David Williams, who lives next to the canal, has used a hose pipe to add water and raise oxygen levels for the fish and will also be buying a pump. 

People have also been netting the fish and moving them to the overflow that goes down to the basin in an effort to save them.

Kidderminster Shuttle: David WilliamsDavid Williams (Image: David Williams)

Mr Williams, aged 74, said small fish as well as larger fish including bream and pike were spotted dying in the canal.

He said he's seen hundreds of dead fish over the last few days and has described the situation as "absolutely terrible."

"People were trying to save the fish. On Sunday, there were quite a few people out with landing nets trying to scoop them out and move them down".

Kidderminster Shuttle:

A spokesperson for the Canal and River Trust said: "We are aware that there are several areas where we have reports of fish in distress along our canals.

"This is due to several factors: the water temperatures are very high (over 20 degrees),  this combined with warm air temperatures, thunderstorms (which cause low pressure and subsequent low dissolved oxygen levels in water) and storm drains discharging into our canals after a heavy downpour.

"We are doing what we can to raise the oxygen levels and are working with our specialist fish contractor as well as the Environment Agency to aerate the water and prevent any further fish from dying".