A FORMER England lioness and ‘Queen of the Jungle’ Jill Scott MBE has officially opened a new attraction at West Midland Safari Park – Lion Ridge

Lion Ridge, located in the pedestrianised area, ‘African Village,’ allows guests to see lions on foot for the first time in the park’s history.

It is home to four male lions, who were all born at the park in 2019 – brothers Hodge, Harabi and Havoc and their half-brother, Hercules.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Lion Ridge entrance sign.Lion Ridge entrance sign. (Image: West Midland Safari Park.)

Alongside the new habitat, four Lion Lodges will also open, offering guests the chance to sleep near the big cats.

The new lion house exceeds standards of modern zoo practices and has been future-proofed if the dynamics of the pride change such as the introduction of lionesses.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Lion Ridge is home to to four male lions, who were all born at the park in 2019 .Lion Ridge is home to to four male lions, who were all born at the park in 2019 . (Image: West Midland Safari Park.)

Their habitat has been designed to encourage natural behaviours and includes climbing stations, dens, high vantage points and a host of plants.

Managing director, Chris Kelly, said, “I’m delighted that our new lion development is ready to open to the public.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Lion Ridge. Lion Ridge. (Image: West Midland Safari Park.)

“The heart of this project has always been the focus to upgrade our animal housing and facilities to provide stimulating and enriching environments for the animals.

“We really are proud of what we’ve achieved to date in giving the wildlife here the best in welfare facilities.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Four safari lodges are also opening on Friday.Four safari lodges are also opening on Friday. (Image: NQ.)

“We hope this means they will continue to flourish and thrive in our care, and we can make a positive impact with future research and conservation both nationally and internationally.

To celebrate the opening of Lion Ridge, throughout August, the park will be hosting a ‘Roar and Explore’ event, where families can enjoy a whole host of lion-themed activities, such as a scratch card trail, photo competition and interactive, multi-sensory explorer quest.  

The lions will be viewable in Lion Ridge from Friday, July 7 and the other pride can be seen in the four-mile safari.