BODENHAM Arboretum has responded to complaints over an outdoor cinema event that went ahead during wet weather.

The venue held an evening screening of Dirty Dancing on Saturday night, inviting guests to "pack a picnic, chair or blanket and have the time of your life."

On the Saturday morning, Bodenham Arboretum, near Kidderminster, confirmed the event would be going ahead despite the rain forecast for the day and asked people to ensure they wear adequate clothing and bring waterproof blankets or chairs.

In a post following the event, Bodenham Arboretum said: "No one could have been more disappointed than us by the weather on Saturday - we all would have loved a perfect summer's day.

"When the event was booked almost 12 months ago, that was what we had in mind.

"But this is Britain and as we all know if one thing is sure to disappoint, it will be the weather.

"Thousands of event and event-goers all over the country would have shared our experience. It was out of our control."

Addressing complaints, the venue added: "The decision was not ours to cancel - it is with the third party event company and to those who are saying that the business has put profit over people's wellbeing is unfair.

"It was wet, which was unfortunate, but it did not pose a health or safety risk - the one condition on which cancellation will always take priority".