MEASURES to tackle alcohol-related antisocial behaviour and irresponsible dog ownership in Wyre Forest are set to be renewed, according to a report being considered by the council's cabinet.

The report recommends the renewal of Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) to restrict alcohol consumption in specific areas of Bewdley, Kidderminster, and Stourport.

While the Orders do not constitute a complete ban on street drinking, they empower designated officers to intervene in cases where individuals are causing issues while drinking, and order them to dispose of or hand over alcohol.

The council conducted a public consultation in July and August to gather feedback on the current effectiveness of the PSPOs and ascertain public opinion on whether they should remain in place.

Of the 145 responses received regarding the alcohol restriction PSPOs, over 90 per cent of respondents across the three towns agreed that designated officers should possess the authority to prevent people from drinking in the designated areas.

Additionally, the report recommends continuing the PSPO targeted at resolving problems stemming from irresponsible dog ownership.

Under this Order, designated officers have the power to ensure individuals clean up after their dogs, walk them responsibly, and prevent them from entering certain areas where they could cause issues.

The report also proposes the addition of two new offences: failing to provide a name and address, and providing false identification.

The public consultation also reflected strong support for the dog control measures, with 283 responses received.

Over 93 per cent of respondents believed that failing to pick up dog faeces while in control of a dog should be deemed an offence, while 87 per cent agreed that individuals not having the means to clean up after their dogs should be covered by the PSPOs.

Nearly 67 per cent of respondents supported limiting the number of dogs a person can walk at once to six.

The council will make a decision on whether to renew the measures following the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, September 12.