TREES have been vandalised yet again at St George's Park in Kidderminster.

The leader of Kidderminster Town Council has slammed the act as "mindless vandalism."

Adam Stockhall, public realm and operations manager at Kidderminster Town Council, said the vandalised trees may have to be removed if they are damaged further.

He said: "It’s obviously very upsetting for everyone to lose any of the trees in the park, even more so at the hands of vandalism.

"Awareness is the best we can do to protect the trees, as I’m sure the culprits didn’t know how bad this is for a tree, but hopefully the next person may think twice.

"It’s highly likely these trees will need to be closely monitored and we cannot rule out the removal if further damage continues.

Council leader David Ross added: "I am very disappointed that once again St George’s Park has been the focus of mindless vandalism.

"There has been a spate of anti-social behaviour in the town centre with the damage caused to the Market Street toilets and to the trees in the park, some of which have had to be cut down as the damage was too great to save them.

"The town council since taking over the park is working hard to keep it clean and tidy for all to enjoy".

Those who can help Kidderminster Town Council with their enquiries, is asked to contact the Office via email or telephone 01562 732680.