The owner of a hotel and restaurant in Bewdley has been forced to cancel bookings after severe flooding. 

Hossey Saghri, from The Mug House Inn and Restaurant, has cancelled all room reservations for tonight after the flood barriers 'did not go up in time'. 

Mr Saghri said: "I'm hugely disappointed that the defences haven't gone up quick enough especially as they usually go up pretty quickly. 

"I've had to cancel all the rooms for tonight and we were fully booked. Hospitality really is on its knees as we cancel bookings and lose income but our outgoings remain the same. 

"It's just one thing after another in Bewdley. They've just started the road works and then ironically the work on the flood defences and now this. I can't believe it." 

Storm Babet is continuing to cause chaos across the town with the River Severn level in Bewdley getting up to 4.20m this afternoon. 

Residents have been warned that flooding in properties is possible.