HUNDREDS of people are calling for the return of a popular radio show fronted by Malcolm Boyden.

Over 850 members are dedicated to seeing the return of Malcolm Boyden's show after he was forced to step down from his regular broadcasts on BBC Hereford and Worcester due to budget cuts.

Mr Boyden still does some presenting on the radio station but long-time listeners have been up in arms ever since the announcement was made.

The Facebook group Bring back Malcolm Boyden to BBC Hereford and Worcester has even made the national spotlight after it was featured in the Guardian at the weekend.

Listener Barry Potter said: "Malcolm is a gem and, although he is still doing this sport twice a week, he is worth much more than that.

"His midweek shows were brilliant but his Sunday show in particular brought loads of people together.

"He was good at it and was beloved by his listeners.

"He became almost like a family member to a lot of people.

"Listeners have genuinely opted for other radio stations because of this."

Ben Hurdman said Mr Boyden brought comfort to people during the covid pandemic.

He said: "It just does not feel like local radio anymore. It is a terrible shame what has been happening with the cuts to local radio.

"Through the pandemic, Malcolm's broadcasts were comfort for a lot of older people and they were very supportive for a lot of listeners.

"It has made such a difference with him not presenting his regular shows, especially on a Sunday."

Jill Watts said she has tried several other radio stations but nothing compares to Mr Boyden's broadcasts.

She said:  "It is a huge loss, I used to have the radio on for company and without Malcolm's regular broadcasts, it is just not the same.

"I have tried a lot of other stations, but none are quite the same as what Malcolm would bring to BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"Other presenters do a good job and certainly have their place but listeners are really missing him."

A BBC spokesperson said they understand the disappointment from listeners but added Mr Boyden is still a valued part of the station.

They said: “We understand it’s a huge disappointment when a favourite show comes to an end, but Malcolm is still very much part of the station; he brings us the sport programme every Monday and Friday from 6pm and will be covering the mid-morning show from December for at least couple of months.

"Last year we announced there would be changes to schedules outside peak listening hours on all 39 local radio stations.

"BBC Hereford and Worcester continues to hold local decision makers to account, entertain our audiences and provide the best sports coverage week in, week out.”