The actor who played Diana in The Crown has discussed how her final moments must have been "unbearable" after the scenes were filmed for the final season of the Netflix show.

Elizabeth Debicki has portrayed Diana in the show since the fifth season and described herself as feeling "trapped" during filming.

The sixth and final season of The Crown partially releases on Netflix today (Thursday, November 16) with the first four episodes being available.

Following that, the remaining six episodes will become available on Thursday, December 14.

The first part of the final season deals with the weeks preceding Diana’s death and the aftermath, following a car crash in Paris in August 1997.

'You realise it’s completely unbearable'

Australian actor Debicki discussed with the Radio Times the complexities of filming Diana's final moments on The Crown.

She said: “You only have to be in a situation like that for a minute before you realise it’s completely unbearable.

“No one should ever have to experience what it feels like trying to get from one place to another, and to have this swarm around you. You feel very trapped.”

Speaking further about depicting the car chase scene with the PA news agency, Debicki revealed to have quite a strong response to it.

She explained: “I always was very clear that, rather than feeling like a victim in it, I was really just trying to get from A to B.

“It’s just about getting somewhere, and that should be a set thing but because of the way the media were pursuing them so relentlessly and aggressively, what happens is the energy around your journey is just so panicked, it’s so kind of frazzled.

“It’s really uncomfortable and especially being stuck in traffic when you can’t move and they (the media) were, by all accounts very aggressive, sort of banging on the cars and yelling and flashing.

“It’s just completely invasive. And it sort of feels like a stunt. Your body reacts to it quite strongly."