Dedicated students from a school in Kidderminster have been shining an important light on online dangers.

The Pupil Leadership Team at Sutton Park Primary School have invited parents and carers around the country to sign up for an important online safety conference next week.

The team of nine students explored a range of ways to spread awareness of online harm before writing letters to parents and carers directly explaining potential risks in the digital world as well as producing a video and poster with a QR code.  

Vice Principal at Sutton Park Primary School, Dean Salisbury, said: “We’re very proud of what our pupil leadership team continues to achieve. They demonstrated great focus, energy and creativity, working together as part of a team to produce some fantastic materials in a self-directed way.

“I also commend their maturity in thinking about potential threats from the digital world and their consideration for how they can support their friends and fellow classmates.”

Teachers at the school alongside leaders within the Central Region Schools Trust (CRST) have been working with West Mercia Police, local authorities and national agencies to organise the free conference for parents and carers.

Some of the key areas of focus are accidentally sharing personal information to seeing deeply upsetting content.

The event aims to educate families on how to protect their children whilst also offering an opportunity to hear from leading experts and detectives.

CEO at the CRST, Guy Shears, said: “Working with others, whether it be classmates, colleagues or local partners, is key to solving important issues such as online safety. It’s wonderful to see this collaboration being exemplified by the entire community at Sutton Park Primary School."

Vice Principal at Arrow Vale High School, Scott Crane, added: “Online safety is something that every parent, carer and teacher should be aware of so we are grateful for the opportunity to hear from experts in the potential dangers posed to children by the digital world.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming parents and carers from across the local community to Arrow Vale High School for this vitally important conference as well as those who will join us virtually.”

The conference is being held at Arrow Vale High School in Redditch at 6.30pm on Monday, November 27. 

The event is free to attend with people able to join either in person or online.

For more information or to register visit