A fallen tree caused major travel disruption today (Wednesday, December 13) by leaving a road completely blocked.

Worcestershire County Council Highways and Travel alerted residents to the incident along the B4189 Wolverley Road near the Lock Inn shortly after it was first spotted at around 7am.  

The road block caused traffic chaos around the Sion Hill area with schools including Wolverley CE Secondary School and Heathfield Knoll Primary School and Nursery also advising parents and carers to find an alternative route.

The tree was removed quickly within a few hours with residents also taking to social media to praise the staff at Heathfield Knoll Primary School for their efforts during the disruption by directing traffic along the main road.

One resident, Claire Bridgewater-Higgs, said: “Well done everyone for a great effort this morning.”

Another resident, Sonia Todd, added: “Thank you to all the staff.”