A SOCIAL media personality has delighted families across Wyre Forest with his Santa Doorstep Challenge.

Comedian Adam Woodhouse, known by many as 'Kiddy Lad,' dressed up as Father Christmas and visited homes across the district with his team to hand out prizes to children and families. 

Adam was inspired by Keith Chegwin's Doorstep Challenge from the Big Breakfast show, which he watched as a child in the 90s. Each night was filmed and live-streamed on Adam's Trigger Central Facebook page. 

He visited homes in Kidderminster, Stourport and Bewdley over seven nights. 

Kidderminster Shuttle: Adam gave out prizes to children across Wyre ForestAdam gave out prizes to children across Wyre Forest (Image: Paul Hickey)

Adam said: "I just have these mad ideas and they come to life.

"We've done the Santa Run in the past. It was great when we did do it, but it was becoming very large and trying to tie everybody down to seven nights a week was just too much.

"So I wanted to simplify it and make it more fun, make it more energetic, so I came up with idea of a 90s theme and I was thinking about what used to be on TV in the 90s. It's basically based on Keith Chegwin and the Doorstep Challenge from the Big Breakfast, but as Santa handing out prizes.

"I remember watching that when I was a kid and they came to Comberton. It was the most exciting thing we'd seen on the telly and that's what inspired me to go on with the Santa Doorstep Challenge".

Around 70 businesses signed up to be a part of the event and donated hundreds of prizes for the challenge.

Adam has said a "massive" thank you to everyone who took part in the festive fun. 

He gave a special thanks to Kidderminster's Oh Sew Crafty, for the business's generous donations, and Wyre Forest Leisure Centre who donated party packages, as well as climbing and swimming packages. He also thanked Diane from Morrisons in Kidderminster and Katie from Tesco in Stourport for their support.

Adam also thanked his team, Katie Reid, who played 'Mental Elf,' Jay Bright, who was 'Elf and Safety,' cameraman Aaron Hart, and Mark Cook who drove the van. 

Adam added: "We had a cracking time and we really enjoyed going out meeting everybody".