A Sumatran tiger cub has been given her very first Christmas tree at West Midland Safari Park (WMSP). 

Five-month-old Lestari will be experiencing her first Christmas at the Park and is set to spend it with her mum, Dourga and her keepers, who are using seasonal items to keep the animals enriched over the winter. 

This includes stockings full of hay for the rhinos, bauble pits for the meerkats or in this case offering the scents and textures of a cub-sized tree donated by WMSP's events team. 

Kidderminster Shuttle: Christmas trees are a great form of enrichment offering new textures and scents Christmas trees are a great form of enrichment offering new textures and scents (Image: West Midland Safari Park)

Head keeper of carnivores, Chris Hodgkins, said: "As it's Lestari's first Christmas, to make it extra special, she was given a Christmas tree as enrichment. 

"Enrichment is important for all our animals as it gives them something to explore and encourages natural behaviours." 

At this time of year, there are over 300 trees at the Park being used as decorations for the Park's Santa Safari and Safari Skating events. 

In the new year, the trees will either be donated as enrichment for the animals or recycled as part of a 'treecycling' campaign for the Park's partnership with the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust. 

Volunteers, including staff members from WMSP, will be collecting used Christmas trees from people's homes and dropping them off at the Park where the trees will be chipped on-site to be used as bedding for some of the animals. 

Mr Hodgkins added: "Lestari loved the tree and it didn't take her long to realise she could play with it especially after her mum had pulled it out the ground. 

"We loved watching her stalk and pounce on it, then drag it around her habitat. I think it's safe to say she has been a good girl this year and will be getting a nice present from Santa. 

"The keepers are thrilled to see how much she had grown and developed her own little personality." 

Kidderminster Shuttle: Lestari will be spending Christmas with her mum Dourga Lestari will be spending Christmas with her mum Dourga (Image: West Midland Safari Park)

The Park will be open daily over the Christmas period until January 7. 

Guests can see the animals on a winter safari or on foot in the Park's pedestrianised areas including Lestari and Dourga in Tiger Tropics. 

Safari Skating is also available until January 7 and is £8.50 if adding onto a winter admission or a Santa ticket, or £13.50 for skating only with children under three skating for free. 

Tickets can be booked in advance on the WMSP website with more information at www.facebook.com/WestMidSafari 

To find out more about the 'treecycling' campaign visit www.gkcct.org/treecycle