A KIDDERMINSTER pub has temporarily closed its doors whilst refurb work is carried out inside.

The Station Inn at Farfield let customers know on Facebook that the pub would be closing this week. 

The post said: "I’m sure some of you are already aware but we are closing as of Monday 8th January for approximately 8/14 days.

"We have some damp work within the pub that needs sorting out and while we’re shut we’re taking the opportunity to paint and reupholster inside".

They said work will also be carried out at the front of the pub later this year, with work also being completed in the back garden.

The pub will also be offering a new food menu soon.

The pub added: "There is never a good time to shut down a pub but we felt January was the best time".

They thanked customers for their understanding and said they would keep them informed on the reopening date.