THE amazing moment a baby rhino was born at West Midland Safari Park has been captured on CCTV.

Zookeepers were left thrilled after they watched the arrival of the southern white rhino live from behind-the-scenes at the Bewdley attraction last Thursday (January 11).

However, staff were forced to step in following a tricky breach birth for 15-year-old mum Keyah after noticing the calf struggling to stand.

After keepers helped the newborn to its feet, she was able to tentatively walk over to her mum to have her first feed.

CCTV cameras captured the baby rhino's first wobbly steps and being gently nestled by his mum. A week on she is said to be doing "really well".

The calf has been given the African name Malaika, meaning ‘angel’, and will join eight other rhinos at the attraction.

Lisa Watkins, head keeper of ungulates, said: “The team are absolutely over the moon with the safe arrival of a female white rhino calf.

"After a long wait, having had two male calves born in 2021, a female was a very welcome addition to the crash.

"Mum, Keyah, is doing a fantastic job of caring for the newborn with older brother Jumani eager to meet his little sister.

“I am really proud of the team for all their daily hard work and dedication, to allow this calf to arrive safe and healthy.

"We all look forward to showing the new arrival off in the near future, but for now, both mum and calf are spending some important time bonding in the warmth and comfort of their house.”

Malaika's arrival at 1.48am last Thursday makes her the sixth baby white rhino to be born at the attraction in the last eight years.

The park is part of a European breeding programme aimed at protecting the species classed as ‘near threatened’ by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).