WYRE Forest has now been reopened to the public after it was forced to close for safety checks as Storm Isha swept in.

Forestry England announced that the popular walking spot was closed whilst rangers inspected trails for fallen trees and debris.

In a post on Facebook, Forestry England said: "Before we re-open, we have to inspect all of the walking trails and public spaces. We’re looking for fallen trees and debris, but also dangerous trees that might be less obvious and need to be made safe.

"We know it’s frustrating when you want to get back to the trails, but your safety is our highest priority so thank you for your patience".

Walkers can now visit the forest after the safety checks were completed.

In an updated post, Forestry England said: "We are happy to report that Wyre Forest is now open.

"Thank you for your patience whilst the rangers carried out the site safety checks following Storm Isha".

A yellow Met Office warning remains in place across the country.

The Met Office said strong winds from Storm Isha are likely to bring “some disruption” to travel and utilities.