A primary school in Stourport is celebrating its success after being rated 'good' in the latest Ofsted report. 

Staff at Lickhill Primary School were delighted with the news as they had waited almost four years for the inspection after previously being rated as a 'requires improvement' school. 

Inspectors, who visited two weeks before Christmas, were left "extremely impressed" by the behaviour and attitudes of pupils whilst the staff were praised for their commitment to the school and leadership qualities. 

In a statement from the report, the Ofsted inspectors said: "Staff and pupils are justifiably proud of their school. The development of each pupil is at the heart of the curriculum.

"Pupils know that good behaviour is expected, but they also understand that they will be helped to put it right if something goes wrong.

"The school’s high expectations are understood by all pupils. They meet those expectations by behaving well and working hard. This helps all pupils to make good progress from pre-school upwards."

Kidderminster Shuttle: Inspectors were impressed by the behaviour of the pupils Inspectors were impressed by the behaviour of the pupils (Image: Lickhill Primary School)

As well as receiving an overall rating of 'good', the school also had many 'outstanding' features including the school's focus on personal development. 

The Early Years education was also rated close to 'outstanding' with the school working hard on developing the outdoor areas. 

Inspectors were also impressed at the level of engagement from parents on the questionnaire. 

A spokesperson for Lickhill Primary School said: "We were incredibly proud of all the children for the way they spoke to the inspectors, explaining their work, their experiences at school and how much they enjoy school life.

"We felt that it was a true reflection of our school which is vastly different from the Lickhill and its curriculum offered four years ago. Staff at Lickhill have worked tirelessly since the last inspection to make the changes required during a pandemic and a very different school experience post-COVID.

"We now have the validation that what we are doing is having a significant and positive impact on the children’s academic and social development. They are equipped to face the next phase of their education as strong, confident individuals who understand how to behave, enjoy their learning and be kind caring individuals supporting their community."