THE BOSS of a Stourport firm fears that someone could get “seriously hurt or killed” if action isn’t taken to stop cars from crashing into a wall.

Julian Tanser, aged 63, whose company Accent Finance owns Anglo House, says it’s the third time a vehicle has crashed through the company's wall on Mitton Street.

A recent collision caused damage to the wall on Monday last week (January 22). Several other incidents of vehicles hitting the wall have happened over the years, which has raised safety concerns for pedestrians. A lane closure is currently in place on the road so repair work can take place.

Mr Tanser believes the issue relates to vehicles merging onto the road from Worcester Street.

He said: "Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed.

"It's not wide enough to merge. It needs a give way at the end of Worcester Road.

"One lane is closed off because the wall is unstable.

"It's annoying when they come through into my building but more than anything somebody's going to get killed.

"The impact was fairly hefty".

Kidderminster Shuttle: A crash happened on the road last weekA crash happened on the road last week (Image: Julian Tanser)

Residents recently shared their concerns about the road on the We Love Stourport Past and Present page on Facebook.

Martin Starr said: "It should be give way not filter at that junction, it will allow for the impatient drivers".

Sally Eastwood suggested there should be "better signage, a speed camera on Gilgal and a nice thick solid white vibration line around that bend".

Lisa Jo added: "I wish they would put up clear road signs. It may stop these accidents."

On Sunday (January 28), Worcestershire County Highways introduced a new traffic management system on the road whilst repairs to the wall are made.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said: "We will be installing new temporary Traffic Management from Sunday whilst the wall awaits repair. During this time, we will monitor traffic flows and impacts for consideration of any future measures.”