STAFF at a GP surgery have claimed patients are being put at "unnecessary risk" due to people inappropriately parking in their car park to access the town centre.

Kidderminster Medical Centre has urged motorists who park on their premises to "avoid local car park charges" to stop, branding this "unacceptable behaviour."

In a post on Facebook, the surgery said patients using the service are at risk of missing timed appointments due to being unable to find a space. They also said staff could be at risk of being late for work. 

Kidderminster Medical Centre said: "Inappropriate car parking is putting our patients and staff at unnecessary risk.

"People are parking on our premises to avoid local car park charges to access the town centre, this is unacceptable behaviour, and we kindly ask that it ceases with immediate effect.

"Patients are at risk of missing timed appointments by trying to find an available space.

"Staff are also potentially at risk of being late to work therefore leaving departments undermanned making it unsafe for our registered Patients".

They added that they will now be monitoring the car park more closely.