CHILDREN attending Kidderminster's Little Trinity Nursery took part in this year's Time to Talk Day which was the nation’s biggest conversation about mental health.

The children throughout the week enjoyed a range of activities, including using puppets to help them express their feelings.

Nursery manager Gaynor Carter said: “Time to Talk Day provides a wonderful opportunity to share and support, not only the children but our staff too as it’s important to be able to talk and discuss how we’re all feeling.”

Focusing on emotions and feelings and by using a mix of puppets, the worry monster, self-regulation and conversation-starter cards and their special emotions board, all manner of feelings and how emotions can affect us and make others feel were talked about.

Gaynor said: “Feelings are important and by talking about them the children know that there is always help available and by encouraging them to talk we are also able to support their personal, social and emotional development and build their communication and language skills so it’s a win-win.

“Talking is vital in helping us all lead a happy and fulfilled life and just by simply knowing care and support from others is there helps enormously.”