A dad-of-two from Bewdley has undergone a dramatic transformation after being told he needed to lose weight or he would "croak it". 

Around three years ago, Craig Roberts, aged 35, was admitted to hospital with a lung condition.

Then aged 32, the HGV driver weighed 24 stone and struggled with breathlessness and being able to run after his young sons. 

Whilst undergoing treatment for his lung condition, he was told by a doctor that he needed to lose weight or he could die. 

Mr Roberts said: "I was basically told I needed to lose weight or I would croak it. I couldn't go on the way I was and keep eating. 

"I was struggling to breathe, I couldn't play with my kids and I was embarrassed to go out. 

"When the doctor told me I could die, I had not long lost my sister to cancer aged just 36, so it really put things into perspective for me that I needed to live to see my boys grow up." 

Kidderminster Shuttle: Craig Roberts before his weight loss Craig Roberts before his weight loss (Image: Craig Roberts)

In the hope of helping Mr Roberts live a healthier lifestyle, the doctor gave him a referral to join Slimming World on a 12-week membership. 

Despite feeling a bit nervous at first, the 35-year-old started going to a group in Stourport every Saturday and it has ended up changing his life. 

Mr Roberts said: "I was a bit nervous about going to begin with and embarrassed. I was only 32 years old and I couldn't believe that I had let myself get so big. 

"But when I got to the group, everyone was really supportive and always willing to share tips and advice on how to lose weight. The group always sees the positives in everything and it's great." 

Kidderminster Shuttle: He has lost an incredible 10 and a half stone He has lost an incredible 10 and a half stone (Image: Craig Roberts)

Mr Roberts has gone onto lose around 10 and half stone and was recently crowned the biggest loser of weight in his group. 

He has now been nominated for the nationals due to his dramatic transformation with his family also noticing the huge difference it has made to his health. 

He said: "I feel loads better, I go to the gym six times a week and do Parkrun on the weekend. It is also a strange but good feeling to be recognised and put forward for the nationals for my weight loss. 

"It has completely changed my life and my boys are really happy that I can now play and run after them. 

"I have started to go kickboxing with them too and they absolutely love it."