Kidderminster postcode DY11 is one of the quickest areas to sell a property in the local area according to new data. 

In the research, revealed by house-buying firm Property Solvers' speed of sale tool, more than 818 property sales were analysed between February 2023 and February 2024 across areas with a DY postcode, including Kidderminster, Dudley, Stourbridge, Stourport and Bewdley. 

It found that properties in Kidderminster (DY11), Dudley (DY3) and Stourbridge (DY9) were selling the fastest.

Stourbridge (DY8) and Dudley (DY1) finished off the top five meaning properties took an average of 120.2 days or 17.7 weeks to sell across the five postcodes. This was based on sampling a minimum data set of ten property sales. 

Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers said: "Whilst we're starting to see some noticeable improvements into 2024, the continued pressures on the mortgage sector and buyers' ability to secure the right kind of finance has resulted in delays with sales completing. 

"Combined with the recognised 'snail pace' nature of the conveyancing process, it's likely that these trends will remain for some time." 

The speed of sale tool is updated monthly and tracks the moment a property is listed on leading property portals in the UK to the point where it is marked as officially 'sold' at the HM Land Registry. 

Whilst Kidderminster (DY11) took an average of 118 days to sell a property based on 64 properties for sales in the area, the slowest house sales were recorded in Stourport (DY13), Stourbridge (DY7) and Bewdley (DY12). 

The bottom five were topped off with Dudley (DY2) and Brierley Hill (DY5) to make an average of 132.2 days or 18.89 weeks to sell a property. This figure was again based on a minimum number of 10 property sales in a given area.