Police have launched an appeal after an attempted burglary at a home in Kidderminster. 

The incident happened this morning (Saturday, February 17) at around 1.40am on Albrighton Drive. 

A BMW was seen outside a property in this location when two people got out of the vehicle and went into the rear garden of the property.

Police believe they did this with a view to stealing the keys to a BMW and a Mercedes that were parked on the drive. 

They were disturbed by neighbours returning home.

The males ran and got into the waiting BMW.

Anyone with information should contact West Mercia Police quoting reference 00211_I_17022024.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: “Car Key Burglary is a crime where an individual breaks into a home with the specific aim of removing car keys and stealing a car from that property.

“Perpetrators of this crime often ‘work to order’ and will target specific vehicles, based on demand and value. If a criminal is targeting a certain vehicle they will also be targeting the owner, looking for easy ways to exploit their security and get to their keys.

“The most common methods used by thieves are to follow victims’ home or 'cruise' around residential areas looking for opportunities. If you think you are being followed or see any suspicious vehicles, take the registration number.”