A Bewdley resident almost fell victim to a convincing phone scam from someone pretending to be a detective. 

West Mercia Police have issued a warning after officers from the Bewdley Safer Neighbourhood Team recently visited a resident in the area who suspected they were being tricked into handing over money. 

The person received a call from someone who said they were a police detective inspector who had made an arrest in the area and the suspect was using the resident's credit card details. 

The "detective" also provided a crime number and his identification number to try and add credibility to the story. 

The scammer went onto tell the resident that a sergeant looking into the case would call back and obtain further details. 

Typically, the resident would get a follow-up call where the scammer would ask for their bank details, but fortunately, the resident suspected there was something not right and did not lose any money.   

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "Police will never ask you for your banking details or money.

"If you receive a call of a similar nature as described above, hang up the phone and if possible, use a different line and call either your bank or the police."