WYRE Forest residents are being hit with a council tax rise after budgets were set for the year.

All bodies funded through council tax have now set their budgets for 2024-25 raising their charges by varying amounts.

Wyre Forest District Council has decided to raise its share of the council tax by 3 per cent, which at Band D represents £7.08 for the year or less than 14p a week for the range of services provided by the District Council. Inflation as measured by the Consumer Prices Index is currently 4 per cent.

For Band D properties, Worcestershire County Council's share of council tax has been raised to £73.14 (5.0 per cent), with West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner's share raised to £13.00 (4.9 per cent).

Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority's share has been raised to £2.82 (3.0 per cent) and the average Parish/Town Council share raised to £7.00 (13.8 per cent).

This means there's an overall average increase of £103.04, or 4.88 per cent a year for Wyre Forest properties in Band D. Exact increases will range from 4.57 per cent to 5.41 per cent depending on which town or parish residents live in.

The increases take the overall average council tax 2024-25 at Band D in Wyre Forest to £2,214.57.

It is made up of Worcestershire County Council £1,538.92, West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner £277.50, Wyre Forest District Council £243.29, Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority £97.22 and average Town/Parish Council £57.64.

The majority of householders in the district will pay less than this because almost three-quarters of homes in Wyre Forest are in Bands A to C.

Wyre Forest District Council’s cabinet member for finance and capital portfolio, Councillor David Ross said: “For every pound Wyre Forest residents pay in Council Tax, Wyre Forest District Council keeps just 11p. The vast bulk of the money – 89 per cent - is passed on to county, town or parish councils and the blue light services.

“With our budget we are focussing on efficiently providing the everyday services we know our communities rely on as well as delivering our Corporate Plan. Our priorities are economic regeneration, securing financial sustainability and making the district clean, safe and green. The initiatives we have agreed to fund in this budget will help us carry out some of the actions which we think are key to this.”

Initiatives approved in Wyre Forest District Council’s budget for 2024-25 include community and leadership funding, giving councillors £1,000 each to support worthwhile projects, funding to increase litter picking activities, funding for accessible play equipment, a free one hour parking scheme at one car park in Bewdley, Kidderminster and Stourport, and a feasibility study on bringing long term empty homes back into use.

A full breakdown of where people’s money goes will be included on the Wyre Forest District Council website www.wyreforestdc.gov.uk/counciltax once the council tax bills are sent out in March.