A RARE 50P coin is on sale for hundreds of pounds.

Just under 10 million of this particular type of coin - a rare King Charles III coin from 2022 -  are in circulation. 

One person in Stroud, in Gloucestershire, is trying to sell it for £600 on eBay. 

A Royal Mint spokesperson said: "A coin is ultimately worth what the collector is willing to pay for it, but there are factors you should consider before committing to a price.

This can include the condition of the coin, its design, mintage figure and what it’s made of.

"If people are looking to sell a coin on the secondary market, and the coin has an unusually low mintage, then it might sell for higher than its face value.

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"Collectors should always establish how many of the coins are in circulation before committing to a price.

"If in doubt consult an expert.

"The condition of a coin is measured in relation to how much wear and tear it has suffered over the years.

"The closer to ‘Mint Condition’ (the condition it was in when it came off the production line at The Royal Mint) the higher value it could be. "