A 76-year-old man has fallen victim to a QR code 'scam' at a car park in Kidderminster. 

Ian Thompson, who is a retired IT Consultant, had travelled from his home in Pontefract to spend the day with friends at the Severn Valley Railway (SVR). 

On arriving, Mr Thompson parked in Bromsgrove Street car park where he scanned the QR code on the side of the machine through an app. 

After typing in his bank details and registration plate, he was redirected to a gym website. 

Although Mr Thompson managed to pay his £5.60 through another app for the car park, the following day he had to cancel his bank card after scammers tried to make a transaction on his account. 

Mr Thompson said: "I was meeting friends at the Severn Valley Railway as they are rail enthusiasts and I'd just bought a new car so I decided to drive down from Yorkshire. 

"I scanned the QR code on an app I use regularly and it came up with this gym website. I thought to myself 'what has this got to do with the council?'

"I then managed to pay another way by downloading the car park app rather than the QR code and I thought nothing of it and had a marvellous day out on the railway.

"I was so shocked when I received the text from my bank the next day to tell me someone had tried to take out a £59.99 monthly subscription. I'm a retired IT professional who has always said nobody will ever scam me and they have." 

The bank managed to block the £59.99 transaction but the alleged scammers had taken £1 out of his account to test his details. 

After cancelling his card, Mr Thompson then tried to contact Wyre Forest District Council but was unable to get hold of them. 

He believes there needs to be clear signage to warn people of the potential scams from QR codes especially for older people and that the council should be taking more responsibility to check the machines. 

He also disputed the council's previous advice that residents should scan QR codes with their cameras and not through third-party apps to avoid being scammed. 

Kidderminster Shuttle: Ian Thompson wants the council to take more responsibility Ian Thompson wants the council to take more responsibility (Image: Ian Thompson)

Mr Thompson said: "As a retired IT professional, I don't believe this would make a difference and it was through a third-party app I've used countless times before. 

"I think the council need to take more measures to remove false QR codes from the side of their machines and for operatives to be checking them regularly.

"I check my bank account every day, so I am also concerned for other people who might not realise a subscription charge has been deducted from their bank. The council need to take more responsibility." 

In response to the complaints from Mr Thompson, a spokesperson for Wyre Forest District Council said: "Our officers continue to inspect and test all QR codes on our ticket machines on a regular basis. They are working correctly and have not been tampered with. 

"We would advise customers to download the MiPermit app from their official app store. As well as using the app, drivers can pay for parking using cash in all of our car parks and there is also the option to call to pay."