A DRONE camera flown over the site of a controversial housing development shows works on the project progressing.

A once green field off Habberley Road has been churned up by machinery ahead of the construction of 120 new homes.

Footage taken by 'Kidderminster Drone shows the latest from the development site, where work started in February this year.

The Kidderminster Drone Facebook account has been documenting the progress of the work.

The properties are being built by Vistry Mercia, part of the national housebuilder Vistry Group, under its Bovis Homes brand.

The housebuilder lodged a proposal for the 120 homes after a previous application for up to 124 from their development partner Richborough Estates was rejected by Wyre Forest District Council in July 2022.

It was revealed that the council will pay £37,000 in costs to Richborough Estates after they successfully appealed against the council's "unreasonable" decision.

The planning inspectorate decided that the application should have been permitted. It was rejected by the council's planning committee over traffic concerns.

As part of the planning agreement for Habberley Park, Vistry Mercia has agreed to pay around £370,000 for education and £76,800 for healthcare, as well as providing funding for a range of transport-related projects including £291,532 for highway infrastructure, £225,491 for school transport, and £20,000 for a pedestrian crossing improvement.

The homebuilder will also contribute around £167,500 towards Habberley Valley Local Nature Reserve.