A Kidderminster antique shop owner has thanked the community for their support after appearing on a hit BBC show. 

Sharon O'Loughlin, also affectionately known as "Money Penny", was invited onto The Bidding Room last month after the production team were impressed by a quirky item she had for sale online. 

Ms O'Loughlin, who owns MoneyPenny SJ Vintage and has a unit at Caldicott's in Stourport, drove six hours to Edinburgh with her cast iron treadle dental polisher to try and impress the dealers. 

Ian Humphries, James Gooch, Jo Roberts, Adi Higham and Jacqui Harris all showed an interest in the antique and following a bit of a bidding war, the item sold for £135. 

Kidderminster Shuttle: She met Nigel Havers on the show She met Nigel Havers on the show (Image: Sharon O'Loughlin)

She said: "The whole experience was so much fun both on the show and the reactions from the community. 

"A lot of people didn't know about my shop or the unit at Caldicott's so it has been great to help spread the word. 

"I bought the item as a job lot so it worked out at around £20. I made a huge profit so I was really happy with the result. The item was so big it needed three people to carry it so I didn't want to bring it all the way back home again." 

Dealer Jo Roberts ended up putting in the winning bid with Ms O'Loughlin revealing Ms Roberts decided to keep the unique item and display it in her home. 

The 58-year-old, who sat and watched the episode with friends, has also said she has kept in touch with some of the dealers and received lovely messages from them after the show. 

She said: "It is really lovely to know where my item went and that it has a loving home. I keep in touch with the dealers and sometimes bump into Jo as I often buy from her. 

"It has been so hard to keep the outcome a secret but I didn't want to give anything away. It would have been like spoiling the end of the film. 

"I absolutely love what I do and just want to say a massive thank you to all my customers and viewers of the show for their lovely messages and support. It was a long day of filming but it was really worth it and I'd definitely be up for doing more TV work in the future."

Kidderminster Shuttle: MoneyPenny brought in a cast iron treadle dental polisherMoneyPenny brought in a cast iron treadle dental polisher (Image: Sharon O'Loughlin)

Ms O'Loughlin has plans to expand her unit at Caldicott's over the next two months and has urged people to support other sellers by watching other upcoming episodes of The Bidding Room. 

To find out more about MoneyPenny SJ Vintage visit www.facebook.com/p/MoneyPenny-SJ-Vintage-100082950351734/